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I love sex games

My husband knew that I was really into sex games before we got married, but since then, things have got to be a lot more intense. When we were on our honeymoon, we ran into this group of swingers. They were heavily into sex games, and I really enjoyed their company. Now when I have a night off from the charlotte action escorts service that I work for, I often arrange for myself and my husband to join them. After all, they hang out in the same part of London that we live in.

I thought that my husband would be able to handle any kind of situation. After all, he manages to come with the fact that I work for London escorts. Most guys really find that hard to get their heads around, and very few London escorts are actually married. Before we got married, my husband was happy to play my fantasy role play games, but I am not sure that he is that much into the sex games that Swingers play. He says that he finds it all a bit too much.

Swinging is becoming really popular in London, and I know that I am not the only girl from our London escorts service who is into swinging. A couple of the girls who work for the same London escorts agency as myself, are also into swinging and I wonder if this is why my husband does not really enjoy going swinging. When we were on our honeymoon, he did not seem to have a problem with it all, but now he seems not be interested. Perhaps he worries in case he runs into some of my friends.

Before we met the swinging party in Greece, I had not really considered swinging for myself. I was really happy enjoying the sex games that I played at home with my then husband to be. However, I also realised that we were doing the same thing over and over again, and eventually it started to become a little bit boring. I was glad when we meet the swinging group in Greece, but I am not sure that my husband feels the same way. Maybe I am more open minded because I work for London escorts.

Are London escorts more open minded about sex games? I think that once you start to work for London escorts, you may become a bit more open minded about stuff like this. We meet so many people who are into different things. If you like, you can even call duo dating with London escorts a bit of a game if you like. It is not the sort of thing that you would do everyday. I hope that my husband will get a little bit more interested in sex games and our swingers club. Personally I really do enjoy their company, but I do wish that my husband was a little bit more into it. Could he be shy? I have a feeling that he may be a little shy and finding it hard to let go.