Natural Born Cheaters

Are men natural born cheaters? Wives seem to know by instinct when their husbands are cheating on them with other women or escorts.

Although escorts don’t like the idea of cheating husbanda, it is sometimes difficult to know if a man is married.

Just like women, many men don’t tell escorts the truth when they are out on date. But at the end of the day, it is not up to the escorts. It is the men who cheat and escorts are after all not to know that.

Why do Men Cheat?

So, why do men cheat? Dr. Bliss joined us at the Better Sex offices online at for a quick chat about cheating men. Dr. Bliss was quick to point out that it is not necessarily about the being in an unhappy relationship. Some men are natural voyagers and just enjoy cheating.


A lot of men don’t think about cheating as betraying the trust of their partner. A lot of time cheating to them is like a great big adventure. It is something which they get a kick out of.

Many escorts appreciate the fact that boys will be boys, and men never really grow up. It doesn’t matter if it is a beautiful woman or a fast motorbike. Sometimes love and sex are both just great big adventures to them.

Pleasure Principle

Men like being pleasured and pleased. They may get a lot of pleasures at home but most of the time they are on the look out for new ones. Both men and women like to explore different ways of being pleasured but some men can take this to an extreme level.

They could perhaps feel the need to find daily new pleasures and some men are even out looking for new pleasures every day of their lives. It can be described as a type of thrill seeking without any danger but a sense of expectation adds to the promise of pleasure at the end of it.


Some escorts claim that certain men seem to be driven to cheat. It is like they cannot understand the concept of fidelity and faithfulness. They seem to want it all – family, children and gorgeous escorts when they are out about. Escorts believe that many of these men live in a total fantasy world, and cannot connect with reality.

Men and women sex drives are very similar so you cannot say that there is anything in particular in a man’s physiology that makes him a natural born cheater, or is there? Men have a lot more of the hormone testerone, and men who cheat have been found to have higher levels of testerone. Is this what makes some men natural born cheaters?

This is probably part of the answer as the testerone hormone can make us crave both adventure and sex, and make us feel like we are untouchable and that we can do what ever we want to. Testerone can drive men to cheat and it is more or less impossible to find a physiological cure for this problem.

Perhaps some scientist will develop some kind of reverse HRT for cheating men but until then we are likely to see many lovely escorts with a lot of cheating husbands.

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