Adult Online Sex Toy Shop

People buy their sex toys online because they avoid the embarrassment of having to purchase them in person. A lot of people consider sex toys to be a private matter. And it is great to have your item delivered to your door. There are so many different sex toys to choose from. Here are some that are very popular. Take a look at the five different pleasure toys and find the one that is right for you.

#1 Lelo Tiani

Are you ready to use SenseMotion technology to pleasure yourself and your partner? Well then, it is time to get your hands on the Lelo Tiani! Let the super soft Tiani blow your mind. There are eight different control settings to choose between, and this toy is useful for both men and women. You will like this toy and you will like to share it with your lover. The Tiani will pleasure both your clit and your G-spot. But the vibration will also feel great on the head of your partner’s penis.

#2 Jimmyjane Form 3

This is a waterproof sex toy for both his and her pleasure. It fits in your hand like a computer mouse. With this smooth toy your man is involved in the stimulation because the toy enhances the pleasure that he can give you. All you need to do is touch that vibrating touch pad and then you can focus that amazing sensation wherever you want. Because the silicone is so thin you will feel his fingers inside of you. He can use it when he goes down on you. And he will love the way it feels on his scrotum and perineum while you give him oral attention in return. When he is inside of you put the larger end on the pelvic mound and use the vibrating feature on your clitoris.

#3 Zini Deux

This is another toy that is made for him and her. Take a look at that egg-shaped gadget. It opens into two separate toys; one for clit stimulation and the other to cup his balls. These toys will fit in the palm of your hand. But the concaved toy also feels good on the buttocks, head of the penis and even your neck.

#4 The Jack Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit is a special dildo that has an attachment that buds off from the side (usually in the shape of a rabbit). It does everything a dildo does, and it does it well. However, that little rabbit guy that flaps on the side is specially designed to stimulate your clitoris.

#5 The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is a popular choice for a personal massager for many-many years. It actually has a variety of uses. It can be used to help to relax muscles all over your body, and it can be used to pleasure yourself all over your body. Whether you use it to sooth a tense muscle, or you use it to get off is entirely up to you!

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